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Something should be avoided
Something should be avoided

We always talk about the best kitchen design, how to design a functional kitchen and what to install in a kitchen. Maybe it’s time to mention ‘What not to do and avoid when designing a kitchen’. 

Try not to install the cooker at the corner for a simple reason- cleaning. Not to mention cleaning the cooker itself but the surface around it, especially the oil/ foods/ sauce that will be sticking on the wall. Secondly if the cooker in installed at the corner, then where should the hood be installed? Also hood should be installing above the cooker. 

Cabinet should be installed in a reasonable distance from a cooker, as most cabinets are made from the materials which can set on fire easily. When cabinet is located too close to the cooker, the heat/ smoke/ oil can damage the cabinet surface from time to time. Also, there should be sufficient working space on both sides of the cooking area for preparation and to serve hot meals.  

Finally wall unit should not be lower than an eye level, the lower they are the more uncomfortable you would find for preparation. 

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