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When we wish to increase our home storage or to tidy our home, we would tend to purchase new furniture, shelf, and box or throw away some stuffs. In fact we can still be able to keep the useful stuffs and not to spend a lot on buying new things, all we need to spend is time to DIY (but if the items which have not been used for years, I suggest to throw them away or give them to someone in need). 


Some daily necessary items like cling film and foils could be stored by a magazine tray, book stand and screw them behind the door panels.


You can turn the book stand into anything you want it to be, it can be a little storage for tissue box, water bottle, potatoes, chopping board, sandals and flip flops or an organiser for cooking pan.



Hook is another useful item when come to DIY. You can i) screw them onto the wall then hang some laundry bags to keep foods and fruits. Actually foods and fruit would have longer life when keeping inside the breathable laundry bag. 


ii) Install the hooks inside the cabinet to store your cups.

Other combination: Rail + Hook+ clips, you can hand anything you like.

No matter it is just a Rail or a Rail + Hook+ Basket or Hook + Basket, both are good ideas to keep bath toys.



Just think outside the box and be creative and do not worry how you are going to use them as long as they can make your life more convenience. . 

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