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In such a city like Hong Kong, home furniture is always limited by its size in which many of us may give up on some useful, something seems not necessary but in fact that little something could lighten our quality of life- bookshelf. Not that we do not enjoy reading, but it’s quite hard to bare some spaces to store the books. However, here are some bookshelf designs and they may be able to inspire you for your next home furniture purchase or home decoration.

Having a little bookshelf above the bed head board is a smart idea, it is because this design can be able to well use the space (between bed head board to ceiling) and will not take you a large amount of space at the same time.

Yet, reading a book before going to sleep is a much better habit than playing on a mobile.

Using the corner to store the books, pictures and plant, you don’t need to think where else can the bookshelf be.

Irregular bookshelf brings you another stylish decor.

You can create your own irregular bookshelf by the entire wall.

Another irregular bookshelf- to express your personal style via a simple design. You might even DIY by using some panels.

Just be aware of the safety (loading) and making sure the bookshelf is strong and firm enough for the amount of books you store.


Irregular bookshelf, of cause the shape is irregular- any shape you could imagine of. 

Simple and creative- using a book end.

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